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Hand Rejuvenation

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Our hands are at the forefront of the regions that reveal the age the most. As time progresses, the subcutaneous tissue on the hand decreases and the veins become more prominent and stains begin to appear on the skin. Hand rejuvenation is applied in different ways depending on the degree of deformity.

Apart from interventions with some chemical agents, adipose tissue grafting enriched with stem cells also gives good results.

Hand rejuvenation can be applied in different ways depending on the degree of deformities in the hand.

For skin blemishes and roughness on the hands, treatments with dermabrasion or chemical agents, wrinkles on the back of the hand due to volume losses, ready-made filling materials to hide the veins that have begun to attract excessive attention, or stem cell-enriched adipose tissue grafts, which we often apply and whose results are extremely satisfied, are the most effective treatments. It is a current and successful treatment method.