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The hymen, with its medical name, is the remnant of tissue at the entrance of the vagina.

Although it is usually ring-shaped, it can sometimes be segmented, rigid, flexible or even completely closed.

There is a dogmatic opinion among the people that it must bleed during the first sexual intercourse. However, studies have shown that only half of those who have sexual intercourse for the first time have hymen bleeding.

The structure of the hymen can be disrupted and lose its integrity during sexual intercourse, by inserting a hard foreign body into the vagina or by being hit with a sharp object.

The restoration of the hymen structure, which has lost its integrity, is called hymenoplasty.

Temporary hymen suturing is a method that aims to completely prevent bleeding during intercourse. The vaginal entrance is narrowed with stitches and bleeding during intercourse is aimed. It is necessary to have intercourse within the first 5 days after the procedure, after 7 days the chance of success decreases.

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