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Over time, enlargement, darkening and sagging of the inner lip (labium) may occur, which negatively affects daily life.

The most disturbing problems; It is the inability to wear bikinis and tight clothes due to poor aesthetic appearance, pain and strain during sexual intercourse, irritation and chronic infection as a result of constant contact of underwear.

To eliminate these problems, the growing and sagging part should be removed and the labium should be rearranged. This procedure is called labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty has techniques such as wedge resection (wedge resection), linear resection (trimming), Z plasty, deepitelization, and combined resection. All techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Which technique will be used is decided according to the labium tissue and the patient's request. The doctor must have sufficient experience in all techniques.

A correct and successful application resolves the patient's complaints, increases self-confidence and provides both physical and psychological relief to the person.

In our clinic, all procedures can be performed by determining the most suitable method for you. Please contact us for detailed information.