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Majoraplasty (Outer Lip Repair) and Filling

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The labium majus, that is, the lower part of the outer lip, is a raised skin layer with fat and connective tissue. As you get older, this structure may lose its tension due to reasons such as rapid weight gain and loss, causing a wrinkled appearance and looseness. Correction of this structure is called majoraplasty. Loose skin is removed and sutured again and tension is provided. It is usually performed together with procedures such as labiaplasty and hoodoplasty. If filling is desired, it can be done 3 months after the procedure, after healing is achieved.

Filling materials such as oil or hyaluronic acid can be injected into this area to give the labium majus a full, taut and aesthetic appearance. The fat tissue taken from the patient's abdomen is made to be filled with a special mechanism and injected into the labium majus. Filling materials are found as a haze and are given to the labium majus in the same way. There is generally no significant difference between the results of the two methods