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Porcelain Laminate Veneers

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Laminas are very thin aesthetic ceramic materials used in anterior teeth. They are also known as leaf porcelains. It is applied in cases of discoloration that cannot be removed by whitening methods, closing the spaces between teeth, crowding, fractures and abrasions. It has excellent durability, superior hygiene and aesthetic advantages. Much less tooth tissue (0.5-1 mm) is abraded compared to other veneers. Since the main purpose is aesthetic, it is preferred in anterior teeth.

It is applied with a very meticulous and precise technique. Production stages, measuring and gluing require a very special work and precision. They are brittle as they are very thin before bonding. However, after bonding, it imitates enamel and is quite durable.

With the introduction of porcelain into dentistry, a new era has begun in aesthetic dentistry. In the following times, there has been a significant increase in the durability and aesthetic appearance of porcelain.

In parallel with the increase in material quality, there have been important developments in the field of adhesion (tooth adhesion). In this way, we can now apply thin (0.4-0.7mm) leaf porcelain lamina instead of thick metal-supported porcelain to our patients who come to our clinic due to dark discolorations, simple crowding, deformities, fractures and superficial defects in their anterior teeth.

When porcelain is this thin, the subject of durability immediately comes to mind. While laminates are very fragile outside the mouth, they become quite durable when adhered to tooth enamel.

Porcelain crowns are different. They cover all sides of the tooth and are thicker than the lamina. These restorations require a large amount of tooth erosion. In porcelain laminates, the depth of the etching on the enamel layer is usually very small. In some cases, they can be applied without any abrasion on the tooth.

Porcelain laminates are very transparent. Its light absorption, reflection, transmittance and fluorescence properties are very close to enamel. This way they look very natural. They can be very difficult to spot even when viewed up close. After bonding, they almost replace the enamel tissue. It is durable and long lasting.

The appearance and durability of porcelain laminates is magnificent. They do not harm the gums. They make an extremely positive contribution to the smile and general facial appearance of the patient.