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Teeth whitening

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The colors of the teeth are caused by some foods we eat, smoking, tea and coffee, and sometimes the drugs we use (tetracycline dye), etc. darkens. However, with the professional whitening procedure performed by your dentist, the color of your teeth can look whiter and more beautiful. White teeth are essential for a perfect smile. Providing this is very easy and certain with the developing technology. After the procedure, the color of your teeth is bleached. Moreover, this process is different from porcelain and there will be no shape changes in your teeth.

There are two types of bleaching processes:

1. Home type whitening - It is the whitening system applied by the patient at home.

2. Clinical type whitening - It is the system applied by the dentist in his office.

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Home Whitening:

The physician takes measurements from the patient. A transparent mold that fits the teeth is prepared on this measure. The patient squeezes the gel given by the doctor into the mold given to him at home and places it on his teeth. It removes the excess in the gums with the help of a brush. It is applied 5-8 hours a day, especially at night. Desired whiteness is reached after one week to ten days.

Clinical Type Whitening:

It is applied by the doctor in the clinic. Whitening is achieved with a process that takes 40-50 minutes in total, up to one or three sessions, depending on the situation. The dentist often applies carbamide-peroxide to the teeth, protecting the gums. In this process, blue light is applied. The biggest advantage over home whitening is speed. The result that can be achieved at home in 10 days can be obtained with a single appointment in the clinic. Sensitivity is also very low.