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Vaginoplasty is also known as vaginal tightening.

Vaginal tissue enlarges due to aging, vaginal births, frequent sexual intercourse, obesity, rapid weight loss. If this enlargement is excessive, problems such as a serious decrease in sexual pleasure, inability to orgasm and lack of self-confidence can be seen during sexual intercourse in both men and women.

These problems can be eliminated by narrowing and tightening the vagina by performing vaginoplasty. A successful application eliminates the patient's complaints, increases self-confidence, and provides both physical and psychological relief to the person.

A detailed examination should be made before the operation, especially other structures (clitoral hood, labium minus-majus, vagina width, etc.) should be examined in detail, the patient's expectations should be determined and a decision should be made with the patient.

To get the full benefit, it is not enough to just remove the sagging vaginal tissue, but also to fully repair the damaged connective tissue and muscles under the mucous membrane. Thus, both aesthetic and reconstructive (reconstructing) repairs are made.

In our clinic, all procedures can be performed by determining the most suitable method for you.