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Why Turkey?

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Turkey is a very attractive country in terms of health tourism. The treatments performed here provide world-class services with high-tech equipment and expert physician staff. In addition, Turkey's beautiful tourist attractions and affordable prices make health tourism popular.

Health tourism services in Turkey include aesthetic surgery, dental treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation, natural treatments and wellness services. Turkish physicians are renowned for their world-renowned expertise and work to provide the best treatment for patients.

Health tourism services in Turkey are more affordable than other European countries and are specially designed in accordance with the needs of patients. There are also 5-star hotels that offer a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients.

As a result, Turkey's high quality health services, affordable prices and tourist attractions have made health tourism very popular. Therefore, Turkey is seen as an attractive option in terms of health tourism.

Why is health tourism preferred?

Health tourism is preferred because it offers better quality and affordable health services, the opportunity to go to beautiful touristic places and the opportunity to rest. In addition, health services that are not available or difficult to reach in some countries can be reached with this tourism option.

What is the rank of Turkey in health tourism?

Turkey is among the world's leading countries in the field of health tourism. In terms of medical tourism (treatment of patients who cross the country's borders), Turkey is in the top 5. According to the latest TUIK data, our exports in 2021 amounted to 1.048 billion dollars and the number of incoming patients was 642 thousand. Turkey is a popular destination in the field of health tourism due to its modern medical equipment, specialist physician staff and affordable health services.